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Motherhood as a Craft

Most of us know her- our creative friend. She is the one who takes beautiful pictures, writes poetry, sews her own curtains and her children’s clothes (or sews their clothes out of the curtains!). She is the creative type, we tell ourselves, and look around at our own drapes bought at Target, and we sigh… Read more »

Summer Virtue (Part 2)

There’s no denying that there is a certain rhythm and reliability that the schedule of the school year brings that seems difficult for us to find during the months of summer. I love the order and routine of the Fall days. We wake up early, get the chores done and jump into a day of… Read more »

Summer Virtue- What’s on your Leisure List?

A few days ago we had a family meeting to officially kick off summer. School is done and the long lazy days of summer are officially under way….but, wait a minute. Why does summer have to be so lazy? When we announced to our kids that we would be waking them up at 8 o… Read more »