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All over the living rooms of Georgia and Alabama (and many other states with fans, I suspect) crowds will gather tonight. The new Mercedes-Benz stadium here in Atlanta will see its newly polished seats packed as thousands gather to cheer on their favorite team to victory. I’ll be with my own family, dressed in whatever… Read more »

We Will Remember

There is great power in the act of remembering. When we memorize something we say that we have learned it “by heart” signifying that it now dwells deep within us and we remember it fully and completely. When the thief hung by Jesus on the cross he asked him “Lord, remember me when you come… Read more »

Confessions, Chaos and a Path that Leads to Peace

My house felt like an absolute mess! Toys were scattered around the floors, doors to the outside stood open with flies coming in to forage, grass and dirt pieces littered the floor and random cups, plates and shoes were all littered about. AAARRRGGGHHHHH!! It felt like chaos! For several hours we had enjoyed the fellowship… Read more »

Bringing Order to the Ordinary

How did your life audit go? Did you keep an account of how you typically spend a day? What did it reveal about your worship? Are there times over the course of the day that you are turning your heart toward God and refreshing your kingdom mindset? Are there any tools that can help us in… Read more »