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A Social Gospel

When I look back to William and I preparing to launch out into International ministry, both my heart and imagination were filled with images of preaching on crusade platforms, teaching in Bible Schools and praying for crowds. We looked upon a massive, hurting world and knew that Jesus was indeed their answer. We just weren’t… Read more »

Pack Your Bags

Our household has been a little crazy lately. After finishing up a school year jam packed with academic challenges and after school sports (not to mention the daily grind of trying to parent well in this digital age with a tween and two growing teens in the house!!) we were all glad for a week… Read more »

When Compassion Moves You

  In the Gospel of Mark 17:15-18 we are all familiar with The Great Commission, especially the part “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.  Many lives are driven by this “great commission” and because of it people all over the world are hearing the gospel.  But, how many take… Read more »

A Gospel of Empowerment

Our time in Guatemala is drawing to a close. We have been here for a month. That is one twelfth of our year. Looking back, I want to know that it is time well spent. I want to know that we have stewarded these days well and been a credit to those who are supporting… Read more »