Tag: Compassion

A Social Gospel

When I look back to William and I preparing to launch out into International ministry, both my heart and imagination were filled with images of preaching on crusade platforms, teaching in Bible Schools and praying for crowds. We looked upon a massive, hurting world and knew that Jesus was indeed their answer. We just weren’t… Read more »

We Will Remember

There is great power in the act of remembering. When we memorize something we say that we have learned it “by heart” signifying that it now dwells deep within us and we remember it fully and completely. When the thief hung by Jesus on the cross he asked him “Lord, remember me when you come… Read more »

Compassion Moves Us

  Compassion is a key ingredient in making our lives of ministry both genuine and powerful. We had the opportunity to minster recently at our church here in Georgia and William shared a beautiful message about compassion in and for the church today. I’ve included both the audio file ( about 25 min) and the… Read more »