Emmanuel- A Christmas Reminder

In the busyness of life it is all too easy to overlook the fact that we are living in the days of Emmanuel- God With Us. Because we are a people living on this side of the cross, on the fulfilled side of God’s new covenant, we are living in the portion of God’s timeline in which Christ has come to earth for the first time and we live waiting for the second. There is a sense of fulfillment but there is also longing. Fulfillment is satisfying, relieving…but longing can be frustrating; an unrequited desire. In the waiting process it is easy to lose hope, grow weary, or (what sometimes feels even  more dangerous) become distracted in our waiting. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt that it would be easier to keep my eyes “fixed on Jesus” as I’m told to do in the scriptures if He were still walking the earth as flesh and blood. Yet He said  that it was better that He go away…not necessary. Better, for He would send one just like Him. It was the promise still of God With Us. Just as baby Jesus was Emmanuel in the flesh, so the Holy Spirit today continues to fulfill the promise of Emmanuel.

God With Us is beautiful and true but, in reality, it is hard to remember and even harder to practice. I have so enjoyed the celebration of Advent this year within our own family circle and also among a fellowship of friends. The candles and the hymns and the reading of prophecies both fulfilled and yet to come have filled my heart with a much needed peace and an opportunity to be still but as soon as the candles are blown out, my peace seems to dissipate with the smoky remains and I jump into the next busy task. These liturgies are wonderful reminders of God’s presence but it is only in the empty spaces and the quietest of times that our souls truly can remember and practice God’s presence and remember that He is Here. So we must make space and create empty times for God to fill or, very shortly, we will find ourselves living empty lives. 

This makes me think of a story I’ve always liked about Abraham Lincoln. During the divisive time of our nation’s civil war, Lincoln was asked whether he thought God was on the side of the confederate or the union army. He is said to have replied, ”I am not at all concerned about that, for I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right. But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side.”

If we believe in Emmanuel, there is no question as to whether or not God is with us but whether or not we are with Him, looking to Him, leaning on Him.  

I’m often with my husband, with my phone, with my children, with my friends…but how often am I truly with God? Being with Him and acknowledging that He is with me- this is Emmanuel. 

So when we feel overwhelmed by the busyness of our days…God Is With Us.

When our gifts and calling feel dry and dormant…God Is With Us.

When our teenagers roll their eyes…God Is With Us.

When technology threatens to take over our homes…God Is With Us.

When the stack of books on our nightstand keeps growing but we are getting in bed too late to read anything…God Is With Us. 

In our hopes and in our waiting…God Is With Us.

This is our Christmas gift to you- the reminder that Emmanuel is still here. Until the time when Jesus appears once again in the flesh, we choose to practice His presence and daily remember that God Is With Us. Merry Christmas to one and all from our home to yours.

Love, The Deagle Family

A Social Gospel

When I look back to William and I preparing to launch out into International ministry, both my heart and imagination were filled with images of preaching on crusade platforms, teaching in

Bible Schools and praying for crowds. We looked upon a massive, hurting world and knew that Jesus was indeed their answer. We just weren’t exactly sure how to give it to them. But we thought we knew. And so we began …yet things began to take on a different form that we had previously thought as we continued to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in what ministry would look like for us. In Tanzania, ministering to pastors and leaders led to our eyes being opened to the need for preschools and church plants particularly in the Muslim slum areas surrounding Dar es Salaam. In Guatemala, helping to initiate a Bible School and give our time teaching classes there and meeting with pastors and ministering in churches opened up an opportunity to help administrate an entire hospital seeking to provide comfort and care to the people of the Peten. These were unexpected avenues for ministry that yawned widely before us and all we had to do was walk through. Yet each step of that walk continues to require much grace and much courage.

Today in a world that knows much of preaching and teaching via famed mega church ministries either heard about, read about or seen on TV, ministry can often be seen as most powerful and effective when a platform and a microphone are involved. I have been guilty of this very view. Yet there is a social aspect to the Gospel which many of us a believers have neglected and now we find ourselves right in the middle of it, seeking to bring justice and help and hope through education and healthcare….something 5 years ago I would have seen more as welfare teaching than gospel preaching.

Yet we cannot dismiss the scriptures which call us to visit the sick in prison and clothe those who are naked. We cannot deny the emphasis Jesus placed on giving a cup of cold water to the one in need. Often in my morning devotional times I am asking the Lord how I can love him more and seek Him more. I am hearing His answer more and more now through the scripture that reminds me that when I have performed these simple acts of justice and mercy for others, I have done it unto Him (Mathew 25:40). Physically demonstrating love for others allows me a tangible way of showing love for God Himself.

The Gospel is suddenly becoming

much more substantial and material

in my thinking than ever before.

These acts of human kindness are not merely done to lay up treasure in Heaven or to salve my western capitalized conscience. It is an obligation we all have as born again believers to the gospel itself and it is the message that began with the resurrection and must resonate into today- Behold, Jesus is making all things new!! God is using the hands and feet of his body to do so, directed and empowered by the promised Holy Spirit who resides within us.

So we will continue to preach and proclaim from platforms, from rooftops and from mountain tops. We will continue to go into the highways and by ways but when we go we must go with cups of cold water in hand. In fact, our acts of mercy and justice in this life now show that we are truly anticipating how all will be made completely right in the new heaven and the new earth. But we are rehearsing it now and the rehearsal matters.

Our work here, our time on earth, our growing in holiness and our desire for justice should at least anticipate the life to come where Christ will completely reign. “The kingdom of God is within”, Jesus said. We are learning how to get it out and give to the world. This is why we are spending much of our time in Guatemala helping Hospital Shalom to flourish there and be a help and haven for the people of the Peten region. This is why we will be in Africa this winter, teaching and encouraging pastors as well as touring the preschools and seeking ways to find training for their teachers and gospel centered curriculum for them to use. Pease pray for these endeavors. Most of all, be asking the Lord where he is calling you to distribute justice, mercy and cups of cold water this very day. This is our prayer as well.

Pack Your Bags

Our household has been a little crazy lately. After finishing up a school year jam packed with academic challenges and after school sports (not to mention the daily grind of trying to parent well in this digital age with a tween and two growing teens in the house!!) we were all glad for a week of rest. This past week we have slept in, visited with friends and gone swimming almost every day. It has been wonderful to rest! Yet as one chapter closes, another opens for us and we are busy packing our bags to spend a good bit of our Sumer in Guatemala.

William has definitely logged the most travel miles so far in 2018 as he has travelled regularly to the Peten region of Guatemala, working closely with Hospital Shalom and our good friends there, Tim and Doris Spurrier. We have been invited to come alongside their ministry to help oversee the hospital there in Guatemala as well as facilitate medical staff Stateside who want to help be a part. God has connected us with Samaritan’s Purse in order to do this, a relationship that just has us in awe over how God alone can orchestrate things so beautifully in our lives.

The best part of this trip is that we are all going together. These trips are always busy times for William and I as we will be helping with clinics at the hospital, conducting a marriage seminar and teaching in local churches as well as laying the groundwork for the Bible School classes for next year! William and I are pumped- this is our calling and what we love to spend our time doing. Our kids are a bit more hesitant to “give up” most of their Summer, however to tag along. Our heart has always been to be together as a family, discipling our children as we go along. Please pray for our children by name- that each of them will find purpose and meaning in this trip as well, that their hearts would be inclined to serve and that, above all, a love for the Gospel will be birthed within their hearts.

Yesterday evening was spent packing up our bags and running through a checklist I had made for each of the kids. I went from room to room, inspecting bags and what had been packed- or not packed (good thing I did!)- to be sure each child was prepared and ready. But as I lay down to go to sleep last night, there was another checklist running through my heart. I always think of the Psalmist David when God speaks to me at night or in the quiet of the morning:

“I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night.”  Psalm 63:6

Last night as I lay awake thinking over the business of preparing for a trip this size, I realized how much of our time was taken up with checklists of things but how little attention had been given to an unseen spiritual checklist. Had we prayed for the trip enough? Had we prayed for the hospital enough? Had we announced to friends and family enough how much we need their prayers and support to make this possible? Did our children realize that they are doing so much more than just “tagging along” but they are an essential part of who we are and what we do…in fact, they are so wrapped up in our marriage and our testimony that they cannot be extracted out. We are on and the same, in this calling together.

So, to this checklist of the true essentials I now add one more thing: letting you all know how thankful we are for the faithfulness f God that He has allowed this vision and calling birthed within us to actually be coming to pass. Please pray with us as we head to Guatemala. We know that we are not going alone. A mighty army of angels heralds our way and you all- the saints- are backing us with your finances and prayers. We feel it and our hearts are glad. Please pack your bags and come along with us in prayer and believing as we go…


Help our time to be meaningful and productive. Full of meaning- full of You. May each person we see be a real life to us. May the medical care that we give actual be filled with Words of Life. May the marriage teaching be true and make a difference in couples’ lives. May the messages and teaching we bring have real meaning and not merely sound like clever words. May we grow and change as a family. may we see what is real and significant and walk more in that than we do in the “cares of this life”. Above all, may your purposes for us be number one on all of our lists. Amen


Our mailing address changed!

I want to take this opportunity to let you all know our mailing address has changed.  The new address is, 3310 Mulberry Cove Way, Auburn, GA 30011.
We cannot thank you enough for the support you have given to WDM.  Thank you for co-laboring with us in the Kingdom of God through your giving and prayers.
As Jessica and the kids are winding down with school, WDM is winding up on the travel schedule.  As a family we will spend the whole month of June in Guatemala working with the Bible School, pastors, churches, and various outreaches.  In early fall Jessica and I will be traveling to Tanzania to minister with Pastor Andrew on the radio to 18.6 million listeners, visit the preschools and churches we support, and hold a pastor’s conference for the surrounding pastors.
We will be doing a video newsletter real soon sharing these mentioned activities as well as some other exciting opportunities!
Thanks again for partnering with us!
William, Jessica, and the kids


All over the living rooms of Georgia and Alabama (and many other states with fans, I suspect) crowds will gather tonight. The new Mercedes-Benz stadium here in Atlanta will see its newly polished seats packed as thousands gather to cheer on their favorite team to victory. I’ll be with my own family, dressed in whatever red and black I can dig up in my closet, eating red sugar- coated cupcakes made by my daughter, drinking out of brown solo cups made to look like little footballs. We will gather with purpose, with excitement, with anticipation and with cheers….and, hopefully, Georgia will pull out a victory!

We were made to gather, made to assemble together. We’ve all heard the saying, “there is strength in numbers” and it is said because it is true. We gather at the mall in pursuit of the latest fashion. We gather at the movies to be thrilled by the latest showing. We gather in stadiums to cheer our teams to victory and we gather in schools to ensure our children are educated.

Yet the most important place for gathering is the church. Gathering is God’s idea and its a good one. The idea of gathering is gospel vocabuary. In Mathew 23:37 Jesus cries out with passion to His people, “How I long to gather you like little chicks!” Later in Hebrews 10:25 we are reminded to gather as a body of believers and “not forsake the assembling of ourselves together”. Gathering encourages us, inspires us and renews us for the liturgy of living. Sunday church re-calibrates our hearts and we cannot do without it if we want to keep growing in a kingdom mindset in the the midst a very secular age.

Like those gathered across the country tonight in various places with one common purpose (to see their team win!) the church can be both catholic and ecclectic as well and should be- whether meeting in country parishes or elaborate cathedrals, refurbished movie theaters or store front rentals. Not an isolated community of Amish or Benedict-opters but rather a “republic of the imagination” as James K.A. Smith would have it. A republic to which we pledge allegiance, which has its own unifying documents (the Bible) and its own civc duties (widows, orphans, the poor, “go ye”).

So go on and gather for the big game tonight. But let us also assemble in the church stadium Sunday morning with the same shouts of enthusiasm and expectation. There’s a sure victory party to be celebrated there because of all Jesus has already won on our behalf.

Look What The Lord Has Done in 2017!!


Friends and Family,

Please enjoy a look at our family video newsletter as we reflect back over 2017 and all that God has allowed us to be a part of as William Deagle Ministries.Thank you for your love, prayers, friendship and faithful support.If you would like to be part of any or all of what we will be doing in 2018 then please visit our Giving page here.

Enjoy!!…..and, as Josiah says in the video: “Merry Christmas from our house to yours!”

Look What The Lord Has Done In 2017! from William Deagle Ministries on Vimeo.

Motherhood as a Craft

Most of us know her- our creative friend. She is the one who takes beautiful pictures, writes poetry, sews her own curtains and her children’s clothes (or sews their clothes out of the curtains!). She is the creative type, we tell ourselves, and look around at our own drapes bought at Target, and we sigh and wish we could be more like her. Crafty.  Inspired. Creative.

Yet Motherhood itself is a craft. We wake each morning with the opportunity to form and fashion our day. We can sketch out a schedule, add a splash of color here and there with a fun read aloud and then stand back and survey if we are pleased with the composition before we rise to paint again the following day. We may be the type of artist who colors inside the lines or we may scribble around but the form and expression are ours to control for we are the mother and our days have the opportunity to be great masterpieces if we apply the time and artistry in requires to fashion a lovely one. Maybe you have become stuck in a routine you are not happy with. Has your motivation and inspiration run dry? Have you read the latest book on missional motherhood and still feel you come up short? It may be time to jerk the wheel and begin to cast your nets on the other side of the boat. In other words, do something different…or at least begin to think differently about this craft we call Motherhood.

The years our children are at home with us are days for cultivating wonder. In a day where ipods have replaced Lincoln Logs and Kindle has won its coup over library visits, we must be intentional in introducing our children to the wonders of creation beyond a screen. These are the days for picnics outside, walking trails, sleeping under the stars and studying beauty. The Bible tells us in Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the works of His hands.” Nature holds for us a story book just waiting to be read aloud.

When we stay in Guatemala to conduct classes for the Bible School there I love being without a television. The evening descends on us with great peace and the skies become primetime viewing. The other day while exploring outside here my boys discovered a Bacillus Lizard running around. He’s also known as the Jesus lizard because of his ability to walk on water. They chased him around through low tropical bushes in a game of hide and seek, trying to catch another glimpse of this unique member of God’s creation. For at least an hour, kindles and ipods were forgotten about as wonder won the moment and they were captivated by creation.

There is no denying we live in an age of television and internet where very little has NOT been seen and much of our ability to wonder has been lost. We must be very intentional to slow down time and step out of our climate controlled cells to smell the roses and experience the great outdoors. When was the last evening we forsook staring at the latest Netflix release in exchange for tramping outside to watch the constellations parade across the sky from Virgo to Leo and watch our kids wonder as they discover that the heavens truly do declare the glory of God?

As a mother, I see myself as chief wonder arouser. I have found this to be challenging at times because typically, as adults, our ability to wonder fades and we are lost. We have to stir ourselves up once again to glory in creation more than we get inspired by the latest post on someone’s Pinterest account. This means we have to feed ourselves on wonder and awaken our sleeping imaginations. Reading children’s literature seems to help-  Laughing over the nonsense of Hillaire Belloc and Edward Lear forces reason to take a backseat sometimes. Judy Bloom’s immortal Ramona Quimby makes us laugh with her antics and remember what it was like to imagine and take risks. I myself don’t have to be wonderful or even make wonderful things, I only have to recognize the wonder and facilitate it. In making disciples of my children, I point them to the Creation. Once that stirs their souls, I introduce them to the Creator Himself- the One behind it all.  I organize the library trip, I point out the new blossoms in the spring. I plan the going outside and I go with them! I start the conversation about the stars, I recite Hopkin’s Pied Beauty, I help load the mentos into the 2-liter coke (even when I would rather be inside watching The Great British Baking Show). I need only point my young (and this includes teenage, too!) disciples toward the wonder and be a part of opening their eyes and souls. Let it be my craft to recognize and relate the pied beauty all around and fill my days at home with intentional wonder. Let us, as mothers, engage the senses and awaken imaginations to a beckoning creation which has its own sermon to preach. Let us read and recite, remember and relate. In short, let us learn to wonder and then  lead those following us along the same dappled path. For I think Tolkien, if he could, might even venture to pen a slightly different idea and agree that all who WONDER are far from lost.

Pied Beauty by Gerard Manly Hopkins

Glory be to God for dappled things –

   For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;

      For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;

Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;

   Landscape plotted and pieced – fold, fallow, and plough;

      And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;

   Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)

      With swift, slow; sweet, sour; dazzle, dim;

He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

                                Praise him.


We Will Remember

There is great power in the act of remembering. When we memorize something we say that we have learned it “by heart” signifying that it now dwells deep within us and we remember it fully and completely. When the thief hung by Jesus on the cross he asked him “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom”(Luke 23:42). Jesus himself exhorted us, along with the twelve, to reenact the Lord’s supper or Passover meal continuously, “In remembrance of me”(Luke 22:19). We are all called to remember.

One morning we sat at the breakfast table with our three children, one of our son’s buddies who had slept over, and our dear friend from Tanzania Pastor Andrew Mukasa, who was staying with us for the week. We were freshly home from our latest trip to Guatemala where we had conducted our second week of teaching at the Bible School there and our hearts were probably still a little raw. After breakfast, William led us in a devotional time that happened to touch upon the Church having a heart for those with great need in the body of Christ. The devotional shared a video at the end urging us, as Christ’s Body, to be present for Him among all the nations of the world who needed fathers, mothers, food and shelter. It was a sobering lesson and we sat around quietly sharing our thoughts of how we could do this in an even greater and more effective way. To be honest, contemplating this deeply I felt completely overwhelmed and I was not sure what more to be doing. In that moment, an answer came to me that I had been seeking during our time in Guatemala.

Our Guatemala trip had been an emotional one for me. Everywhere I looked I continued to see need. When we met with our main contact there, Pastor Misraim, he shared with us concerning a new law to soon be enacted which would eject all current pastors from the ministry unless they had formal ordination papers approved by the government. He shared with us the cost and expense of going through the process of ordaining the 5,000 pastors who were in the northern Peten region of Guatemala alone, not to mention the remaining parts of the country. My feeling that week, even as we taught in the Bible school each evening, was that we were simply not doing enough. While there, I was very aware of the poverty and plight of so many who were still living without a hope. I did not think of Guatemala alone, but I also thought of the school children we had met back in February, suffering in Africa and the pastors struggling to start churches. I thought of the woman we had bought vegetables from with her baby strapped on her back and how alone she must be in this world. I thought of the Muslim slums we had ridden through and the young Muslim man we met who had fled his family after receiving Jesus in order to avoid being beaten and shipped off to join the radical Islamic forces in Pakistan. I thought of all of these and more that I have yet to meet and my heart felt heavy. By the end of the two weeks we spent in Guatemala I was ready to come home for rest and respite. Yet upon arriving, I found that my heart still carried the heaviness of all of these individuals and many more. The devotion that morning stirred the emotional pot already bubbling inside of my spirit and I sat there listening and watching and asking the Lord what I am to do. In my spirit I heard the words: ”You are to remember”.

I believe that one of the greatest things we can do as believers today is never to forget who God is. We are never to forget the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us and the way he humbled himself to come to this earth. We can never forget the healing miracles he performed and the way he endued us with power and authority on the day of Pentecost. Each day as we rise up and read His word we are forcing ourselves to remember who He is and what His standard for living is. Each time we gather in our churches we are remembering Him and setting Him before our eyes and giving Him first place in our hearts. When it comes to the hurting people of the world, I believe our greatest call as well is to remember. The opposite of remembering is forgetting. I realize that in my Christian walk when I begin to forget to seek first God’s kingdom or when I forget to prioritize Him in my finances what I am really doing is failing to remember that He is my priority. When I forget to call upon Him in prayer and when I forget to cast every care upon Him I am forgetting that He is so faithful. There is danger for every believer who forgets yet here is power for every individual who remembers.

We are called to remember that over half of the Body of Christ is suffering persecution in the world today. We are called to remember that more than half of human beings in the world are hungry and alone today. Whether we are at home or abroad, we are called to remember….and to act. Just as the taking of communion is an act of remembrance, each time you pray for these people groups you are actively remembering. When you give financially to those who are being sent, your giving serves as an act of remembrance.”The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Mathew 25:40) Today, I am challenging myself to remember those who need me to be Christ’s hands and feet to them. As I write, I am challenging each of you to remember them as well. Do not let our days of comfort and freedom here in this blessed nation cause us to become dull in remembering. Let us remember and act.

Please continue to remember us as we travel and as we seek God on how He would continue to use us in ministry. We are to Ohio next to minister in a church there and meet with the board from Guatemala to discuss ideas for William to help in some of the administrative duties for the hospital in Guatemala we work with there. We are also strategizing while we are home how to help in the ordination of at least 150 Guatemalan pastors by the end of this year. We ask you to remember these in your prayers and remember these in your giving. Above all, remember who God is and has been in your life and continue to serve Him faithfully. As you do, we have the great assurance that He lives and abides in constant remembrance of us and will be faithful to complete all of the things He has begun.


P.S. Just for fun: If any of you saw the kid’s facebook video as we headed to Guatemala you know they were excited about visiting a certain natural springs swimming hole. Well…we went and the water was so clear! Here’s a few pics.

Resurrection Morning in Guatemala: The Tomb is Empty so We Should Live Filled


  For the second year in a row we spent Easter Sunday here in the Peten region of Guatemala. As a child I grew up climbing Stone Mountain on Easter morning to sing “He Lives” on top of the mountain, huddled in blankets due to the cold winds at such an altitude, even in Georgia during April. Later we would rush home to don new dresses, carefully shopped for, and Easter bonnets and head to church where we would once again sing the traditional lines,

”I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today

I know that He is living whatever men may say

The help of all who seek him the help of all who find

None other is so loving, so good and kind

He Lives! He Lives! Christ Jesus lives today

He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way

He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart

You ask me how I know He lives……He lives within my heart.”

Today I found myself singing those same lines aloud in the car as we rumbled down a gravel road in an old beat up Sequoia driven by our good friend Tim Spurrier, dressed in our Easter best headed to an outdoor stadium in northern Guatemala. I thought of what a different childhood my children are having from my own. No egg hunts awaited us afterwards. Instead, we would feast on tortillas and guacamole. They seemed happy about it yet I lamented the fact that I had failed to pack my Easter hat.During the service, held in an outdoor amphitheatre alongside the lake, Pastors from more than ten churches througout the Peten united to pray for Guatemala, its education, its children, its jobs and its young people. It was a special time bringing unity amongst the churches as we shared the Lord’s supper together at the end. Jon Langley accompanied the reflection time during communion on the keyboard and Josiah, always looking for a way to be a part, forsook a soccer game he had been playing behind the ampitheater (I found all of this out later) in order to run onstage with his little bongos and play along. It was a beautiful time. A highlight of the service was hearing three pastors share on the proofs of the resurrection. Each one shared a few deeply theological proofs, even noting extra-biblical authors such as Josephus in order to substantiate the Truth of the resurrection. However, as each pastor concluded his hermeneutical defense of the resurrection, he finished with the defense that made every heart present rejoice and presented the real reason why churches all over the world have united on this particular Sunday for centuries now in order to sing of a risen Savior- the proof of a transformed life. Each of these well-read, well-educated pastors could not deny that the greatest witness to the the Truth of the resurrection is the almost inexplicable change in the Believer’s life. It struck me most, in carrying away that message in my heart, that if the Believer’s life is the greatest proof of the resurrection then it is vital that we truly live transformed. If our lives are the greatest proofs validating the resurrection and the Biblical testimony of resurrection, life over death power, then it becomes absolutely crucial that the Believer truly lives and exemplifies a transformed life. If the church as a whole and its members in particular, cease to live lives that transcend culture and speak glory…lives that declare “I know that He is living whatever men may say”…lives that exemplify an immovable faith in a God they have seen and experienced personally…then our greatest proof of the resurrection will cease as well. So this Ressurection Day the thought I am taking away is this: let us continue to make disciples, let us continue to expose our children to the lovely liturgies of Easter, let us continue to gather atop mountains and in church buildings whether at sunrise or sunset, let us continue to sing songs of the risen savior and remember Him through the taking of the elements during Holy Communion. Yet above all, let us live lives that are truly transformed- lives that demonstrate that the tomb is empty and, as a result, we are filled.


Tanzania: Open Doors of Opportunity!

What a tremendously prosperous trip we had to Tanzania!  God continues to open doors of opportunity and clarification as we continue to step out in faith “strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ internationally…”.

Upon arrival our first 2 days were spent ministering in a church 5 hours north of Dar Es Salaam in an area called Tanga.  There we held 3 meetings for a pastor who had never had a preacher from America minister in his church.  We had 3 great meetings where the Spirit of God moved through the teaching of His Word.  At the end of the last service the congregation began to come forward and shower us with gifts of beautiful fabric and jewelry.  The pastor commented to us later that has never happened before to anyone guest minister and it was a sign that they respected us and received us as family!  What a joy it was to minister to that congregation!

It is always a pleasure to minister in Pastor Andrew’s church.  While we were back in the city of Dar Es Salaam we ministered 3 times in Victory Christian Center.  They are such an attentive and welcoming congregation that Jessica and I always feel we are at home with family when we are there.  Also on two different evenings we ministered on Pastor Andrew’s radio
program with WAPA radio to 18.6 million listeners!  Radio is a HUGE avenue in which to teach or preach the Word of God as just about everyone in Tanzania has a radio or access to one.  Many people come to know the Lord and are discipled through his radio program.

Pastor Andrew also took us during the mornings to his two preschools for a visit.  One is strategically located in a neighborhood that is largely non christian and the other is in the slum area where the majority of people are alcoholics, prostitutes, and seemingly without hope.  Theses preschools are strategically placed in neighborhoods where there is a big need for Jesus.  Parents of all religious backgrounds and economic standings will send their children to these preschools so that they can learn English.  The teachers are trained to teach English by using the Bible hence the children are always hearing the Gospel.  Parents do not have a problem with the teaching of Bible terms as long as their children are learning English.  Most of these children, especially those in the slum area, do not get regular meals.  The school does it’s best to feed them once during the school day but usually there are no funds to do so.  When we visited the preschools we took juice and cookies for the day and enough porridge for one meal a day for a week.  The children were so thankful for the food.  The one preschool you see here in the top photo is meeting under a vine in someone’s back yard.  They will not be able to meet when the rainy season hits as they will all get drenched.  To build a simple structure for them to have school in would only cost two thousand dollars ($2,000).  To feed the children in either of the preschools one meal a day for a week would only cost one hundred dollars ($100).  There are approximately 20-24 children in each preschool.  What seems like a little to us makes a big difference in these children’s lives.

We also visited four of eleven churches that Pastor Andrew oversees.  Some of these locations meet in a home, others under a thatch roof, and others may have a cement building with a tin roof.  All of them are at different levels of necessity depending on their circumstances.  One of the church locations we visited was actually built by a congregant in Pastor Andrew’s church.  They used their own money over time to build this church in a highly populated non-christian area.  Once the building was finished they took Pastor Andrew and Esther to the location, presented them with the building, and asked them to supply a pastor for this location.  They asked if we would come and pray over and bless the building.  When we arrived the small congregation was assembled together, singing to the top of their voices and asking us to share the Word of God with them.  We were not dressed in preaching attire or “prepared” for the occasion as it was as surprise that morning as to where we were going but we gladly shared an encouraging message with these lovely people.

This couple runs the preschool you see above in their back yard as well as pastoring in the same location.

In summary, we came away for this Africa trip knowing that God has an intentional work for us to do there.  We felt a great confirmation about the vision that Pastor Andrew has and our desire to help him fulfill it.  We want to move forward in helping with preschool/church plants in unreached areas and assisting the pastors who are ready to grow a thriving congregation.  You have seen some of the expenses that we mentioned above and now have an idea of some of the needs and costs.  If you would like more information in any way or if you would like to partner with us financially, please contact us at WDM@williamdeagleministries.org or visit our website and go to our giving page.

*Additionally we have been offered the wonderful opportunity by a church who is willing to do a matching grant of up to $2,000 for any funds given.  What that means is if you choose to give $50 towards helping, thanks to this church’s generosity, it will be as if you are giving a $100 contribution to the ministry.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and for being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission in Tanzania.